Delivering a successful project through a close partnership

Implementing a new Dealer Management System within your dealership is a big decision to make. It requires a lot of planning, time and effort to ensure all changes happen with ease. SureStart from CDK is an effective implementation programme designed for you and CDK to work together to help you achieve a successful install with minimum disruption.

SureStart is designed to:

  • Create a partnership between you and CDK
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Prepare your users

With a wealth of experience in the planning and delivery of DMS solutions, our Professional Services Team is on hand to guide you through every step of your project to ensure the successful implementation of your Dealer Management System.

There are only 6 steps between you and a successful project:

You’re in safe hands.

No matter what size or how complex your dealership is, CDK will work alongside you utilising our joint expertise and experience to get the job done.

Benefits of the SureStart methodology:

  • Creates a strong partnership with CDK
  • Roles and responsibilities will be defined
  • A smoother go-live experience
  • Your users will be better prepared
  • Your resources will be used more efficiently
  • Quicker return on your investment


There are 6 steps in the SureStart methodology for DMS implementation

Step 1: Implementation discovery

Your project begins here. To make sure we know your goals we will work together to review your requirements and carefully plan the details of your implementation from start to finish.

In this step:

  • CDK reviews the project scope, including hardware and networking requirements.
  • Introduction of CDK Project Manager.
  • CDK reviews project time-scales, implementation methodology and deployment.
  • Assignment of project responsibilities. Dealership assigns project contacts.

Step 2: Project Planning:

Having worked out timescales and project scope with you in Step 1, we will create your system training and implementation plan including any data conversions.

In this step:

  • CDK secures required resources.
  • Both parties review your project plan, communicate time-lines and set expectations.
  • Both parties review and agree your training plans.
  • Both review your implementation support plan.

Step 3: Installation and preparation:

These are the building blocks for the rest of your project. At this stage, our agreed implementation plan swings into action. Your CDK implementation team will install and configure your network, hardware and software in readiness for your go live.

In this step, together we will:

  • Monitor and manage user training.
  • Review and sign off document formats and artwork.
  • Agree and sign off test conversion/migration data.

Step 4: Go Live:

This is where it all comes together for a successful go live. We aim to minimise disruption to your business, with support and guidance for a smooth implementation.

Our goal is to ensure that all dealership employees are achieving the planned progress; beginning on your go live day.

In this step:

  • CDK will be there to offer support and encouragement throughout.

Step 5: Transition Meeting:

CDK will meet with you to assess the implementation with you and discuss if your project was a success:

In this step, together we will:

  • Review project scope and objectives.
  • Evaluate the training and implementation.
  • Discuss any additional requirements.
  • Introduce CDK support team.
  • Outline CDK’s ongoing support and customer care, training tools and online resources.

Step 6: Ongoing business partnership:

As part of our continuing commitment, you will be enrolled on our care and development programme. This is designed to help you make the best use of your system, maximising your investment for the future.

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