Mobile Service Advisor

Mobile Service TechnicianMake your service customers feel like VIPs

Your customer comes in for a service, waits whilst you find their booking, confirms their vehicle details, checks and signs the job sheet, nods in the direction of their parked car, drops their keys off with the advisor and leaves. It can all be a bit impersonal and rushed.

Mobile Service Advisor will transform your vehicle check-in process and streamline your service department, allowing you to treat your aftersales customers like the valuable VIPs they are with our mobile service desk solution.

True service convenience means making the vehicle check-in service experience as simple and straightforward as possible. Mobile Service Advisor enables your Service Advisor to check-in customer vehicles out on the forecourt, away from the service reception desk’

**requires an internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G)

How does it work?

MSA allows you to check-in a customer’s vehicle from their preferred location or on your forecourt and identify upsell opportunities, using a mobile tablet device, which syncs automatically with Autoline Drive in real-time. It removes the need for third party VHC systems (for those of you that have them) and the challenges these create.

The Mobile Service Advisor Check-in process

Using Mobile Service Advisor your service advisors can carry out all the following safety and condition checks with the customer at their vehicle as part of their service check-in process.

Key Benefits

For your customers

  • Personalised service – Customers feel valued when they are met and acknowledged by name
  • No nasty surprises – The walk-around VHC identifies additional work requiring customer approval
  • Quality assurance – The VCR records any existing damage to a vehicle to avoid later disputes
  • Transparent pricing – Consolidate the service and maintenance price into one upfront quote

For your dealership

  • Know your customer – Confirm customer’s details accurately in person for future marketing
  • Customer buy-in – ‘Walk-around’ VHC’s can identify additional revenue opportunities
  • Minimise errors – All data is automatically updated from the tablet device to Autoline Drive
  • Customer consent – Capture customer signature upfront for quoted and additional work
  • Additional revenue – Highlight optional check-in extras, special offers, additional services or promotions
  • Avoid disputes – Vehicle condition is accurately recorded with photographic evidence
  • Simple visuals – Simple diagrams and checklists support accurate data collection

Mobile Service AdvisorHendy Group
Hendy recognises that they have two distinct customer types; the commercial customer and the retail customer. Both were experiencing congestion at their busy service check-in areas at peak times and there was very little personalisation to the service – everyone was treated the same.

Read more of this success story at the CDK Insight Centre

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