Automotive Business Intelligence

Your Daily Intelligence Briefing

Are you ready to:

  • Make better-informed decisions to grow your business?
  • Cut operating costs by finding and reducing inefficiencies?
  • Have the "big picture" for your dealership at your fingertips?

Business Intelligence from CDK Global will help. It displays all your daily data in clear, easy graphics: sales numbers, net profit, labour costs, vehicle turnover and much more.

Business Intelligence pulls data straight from your Dealer Management System, so you're always in sync with the latest numbers. Then it presents it visually, by department, so your sales team, service manager and other leaders can see exactly how their teams are doing.

With your morning coffee or at the end of a busy week, you get a full "intelligence briefing" that shows just where you're having successes and where more attention is needed.

See It All

Business Intelligence demystifies your daily operations. The big picture is presented in user-friendly charts, graphs and dials. Red and green ‘traffic lights' and up-or-down trend arrows alert you to areas of the most success and concern. You see progress as it happens, day by day.

Drill Down

Automotive Business Intelligence

When you're ready to go deeper, Business Intelligence is ready with the numbers. It comes with detailed breakdowns for Finance, Service, Sales, Parts and CRM to make the invisible visible for all your departments.

Automotive Business Intelligence

Wonder which of your service technicians is working most efficiently? Business Intelligence will show you. Your service manager can see just where the team is headed and make adjustments. And suddenly it's easy for your sales team to see your best customers over time and treat them accordingly.

Save Time

Would you rather have your staff spend its time collating spreadsheets or selling cars? Business Intelligence takes care of gathering and organising all your dealership information, so your teams can focus on their jobs.  You save time up and down the chain of command.

Work Smarter

Really seeing your data graphically -- not just as groups of numbers -- helps you spot trends and facts you'd otherwise miss. It can give you crucial insights as you make the strategic decisions that drive your business forward. In today's competitive economy, that kind of edge can make all the difference.

Gain complete visibility of your dealership operations with insight from the market leader in automotive software solutions:

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