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Autoline Drive’s CRM is the complete marketing tool kit. You’ll get stronger results by learning more about your leads, contacts and sales.


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Campaign Management Capabilities

Plan and execute multiple marketing campaigns at any one time. Continually track progress to completion and constantly monitor the success of all marketing activity. Our simple drag and drop functionality allows you to create target groups, track your response rates and measure your campaign activity right down to test drives booked to offers made.

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Flexible Communications

In order to keep healthy CSI and SSI scores it is vital for dealerships to send out timely, easy to execute, high-quality communications. Autoline Drive allows just that – the ability to reach your customers - by email, letter, fax or SMS - with the right message at the right time, and to do it efficiently.

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Marketing Automation

Build sales and drive customer loyalty by creating automatic triggers for chasing revenue, such as service reminders. Respond to web and email enquiries out of hours and schedule follow-up tasks in staff diaries. In today’s competitive economy, that kind of edge can make all the difference.

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Lead Management

Autoline Drive allows you to capture and analyse data from both customers and prospects. Our lead processing and reporting tools provides the exact status of each leads, and who’s handling it in clear graphs on the dashboard.

CDK Global

Pre-defined Customer Communication Lifecycle

Keep in contact from their first service to their first purchase by creating activities and reminders to communicate with your customers. Earn happy customers who return again and again and earn the full value you deserve from every transaction.

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Call Manager

Effective call handling for every department of your dealership. Nailing your call handling can have a big impact how your customers feel about your business. Whether your calls are handled in a call centre or in your dealership, you need to make sure that your teams provide a consistent, polished and professional approach when interacting customers.

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Campaign Manager

It’s time to be proactive. Autoline Drive Campaign Manager is everything you need to manage your marketing communications. From demand generation, to effective enquiry management Campaign Manager can help you get more from your calling campaigns.

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