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Managing key finance activities including budgets and forecasts can be challenging, especially if you need to use a separate accounting system to your core DMS. However, the integrated accounts module within Autoline Drive solves these challenges. It provides finance staff with the tools to perform their key tasks and provides management with an easy-to-view, real-time financial position of the group, an individual dealership, department, franchise or cost centre using a variety of flexible reporting tools.

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Effectively manage your organisation’s finances

Autoline Drive puts your accounts team firmly in the driving seat, with a variety of tools and parameters in place to:

  • Easily manage different credit limits and payment terms
  • Store, view and control supplier purchase centrally
  • Scan and approve POs and print remittance notes
  • Reduce outstanding debt using credit chasing facilities and email statements

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Easily view the financial position of your organisation

With just a click of a button, you can view the financial position of your dealership, specific department or cost centre. Plus, you can access real-time point of sale and vehicle stock book figures easily without the need to manually print off the daybooks.

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Make the complex bits easy

The things that most people find difficult with accounting are made easier to deal with using Autoline Drive, including:

  • Accurate tax coding with full reporting and on screen tax reconciliation facilities
  • Management of internal costs as all fixed assets are recorded and controlled within the DMS
  • Catering for various company trading models, from one or more legal entities, plus divisional or multi-company, multi-brand groups

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Manage your vehicle stock books

Badly managed vehicle stock books can cost a dealership tens of thousands per year. To avoid this, Autoline Drive allows you to:

  • Simply record invoices against lines and post them without control account reconciliations and adjustments
  • View accurate vehicle values - all accrual costs are automatically posted to the accounts
  • Use multiple analysis codes to provide in-depth data on costs and profits.

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Autoline Drive

Dealer Management technology for the 21st century. Autoline Drive leads the way in dealer management technology with fully integrated software that puts you in complete control of your business and the relationship with your customers. The management reports track a wealth of real-time data, so your team can always make accurate plans and forecasts. They are designed by industry experts and can be configured to suit your specific needs.

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